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Life is but a stop along the path to drink a glass of tea

Helping you find your path, card by card, step by step

“Life is but a stop along the path to drink a glass of tea”

When you stop by along your path for a tarot reading with Novi, expect to be surprised by her accuracy. You pick the cards, but her interpretation is spot on and emotionally accurate. She is a natural healer and has a gift for communicating issues from deep inside your unconscious mind to you very simply, just as they are revealed to her in the cards. It’s great fun, even if you don’t have any problems or concerns. Novi is dedicated to using the tarot to help people find their way through life. If you do have questions, you will leave with clarity, and a sense of relief.

The Javanese define life as “nothing more than a pause on the path to drink a cup of tea”. Novi’s approach to tarrot is influenced by her Javanese background in Sumarah philosophy. “We start from the idea of our humanity, from the acceptance that we will never be perfect and that we will always make mistakes,” she says. This is what gives Novi’s readings such an encouraging and uplifiting character.

According to her Javanese belief, since life is continuous movement and reality changes all the time, we have to learn to know and respect what is there for us and at the same time not to get too attached to it. Her belief does not offer solutions, it does not promise salvation, neither does it guarantee success. Her belief  is mainly a way, an instrument of life, for life and in life, not an end in itself. Just like the meditation it is a tool that helps us arrive somewhere, but once we arrive, we eventually have to let go of the tool.

“That’s the way I read Tarot” says Novi.

You can bring a list of questions you want answered, and Novi will keep going until there are no cards left in the pack. ( written by Jen Richardson, PR Consultant, Ubud)


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