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Term of Condition Online Reading

Term of Condition Online Reading

  1. Make an appointment using Bali Time :

      Monday – Friday 10     


      Saturday 10-12 am

      Sunday Off

I use Skype ( my skype :budenovi) or WA Video

  1. Transfer before we start online : IDR 550k (+/- 45 min ) * by  paypal at : or

     or bank transfer to: 

     CIMB NIAGA Bank

      Branch: Ubud, Bali

     No: 702248995900



     Swift code: BNIAIDJA


• Tarot helps us explore ourselves and our options, and reveal insight through our personal perspectives and experiences. Tarot is not meant to serve as a static picture of the future, or read anyone’s minds. Tarot is simply a way to communicate with yourself and the world around you, Though Tarot is a tool for personal and/or spiritual growth, it is currently legally considered for Entertainment Purposes Only.

• Tarot Readings are not guaranteed to be accurate.  Tarot Readings are subject to interpretation and should not be considered definitive.

• You are fully responsible for all of your decisions, actions, and the results therein.

• You agree that I cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for any harm, loss, or damages whatsoever caused by any decisions, actions, or results you make based off of any information you received in a tarot reading from me, or from  cards.

• A Tarot Reading is NEVER intended to take the place of professional: medical, financial, legal, or any other licensed advice or service.  If you seek such advice or service, you should consult an appropriately licensed professional.

• Tarot gives advice, but it is up to you on how you process the information. You agree that you have free will and thus ultimately make your own decisions and hold Noviana Kusumawardhani in no way accountable for the opinions she expresses in this entertaining and educational consultation, reading, or any of her videos. Her consultations, readings and guidance are meant to inspire imagination, creativity and intuition

• By requesting a Tarot Reading, you attest that you are at least 18 years of age or older, have read, understand and agree with this Disclaimer