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I am falling in love with my self

I am falling in love with myself. I always try to be gentle and respect myself. Because if I have not enough love within I can not give to others. The more I am conditional to myself the more I create a hole inside me.

Term of Condition Online Reading

Term of Condition Online Reading Make an appointment using Bali Time :       Monday – Friday 10            am-4pm       Saturday 10-12 am       Sunday Off I use Skype ( my skype :budenovi) or WA Video Transfer before

I am just an ordinary woman.

I am not a Shaman or Balian. I am just a Tarot Reader – Tarot is not a fortune telling, its only a tool of soul and energy mapping ☺ #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #ubud #bali #indonesia

Corona Prevention

I understand this is not eco friendly thing but I have to do it in my reading room to prevent health ( the Corona viruses epidhemic) because I have many clients from all over the world and pls wash your hand in my wastafel or